Day 1

Obviously it’s not “Day 1”. We’ve been in San Juan, PR for just over 3 weeks now. We didn’t make any big proclamations about moving here, in part because we were taking a few risks and didn’t exactly have work or a place to live lined up. All we knew was that we needed a break from Central Pennsylvania–a break that included warmth, sun, and the ocean.

Okay, it was more than a break. We were hoping to head in a whole new direction. To give our boys access to the world, to give them access to people who spoke a different language, to show them that not everyone looked the same or dressed the same way.

It’s odd to think of now–whatever hopes/ideas we may have had–how we had no idea that the world would shut down.

Last night, the Governor Wanda Valasquez–I think it’s fair to say that she is “embattled”–called for the closure of all non-essential businesses and restaurants for at least one week and a 9pm curfew for the whole dang island.

And we find ourselves living on a construction site of a sprawling Modern beach house one block from the ocean. I go back and forth between thinking that we’re in the best situation possible and thinking that we’re the most vulnerable. Either way, it’s going to be interesting, and I thought I’d share our story as it unfolds.

Stay tuned folks!

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