Pickers, San Juan Edition

It’s amazing how quickly you can accumulate things in a capitalist end-of-days society. For us, we arrived with our carry-on luggage and are now working to make a construction site feel like home. After the initial buying of air mattresses and sheets and a few dvds, we were provided some essentials–such as some beds (we’re most thankful for the beds), a refrigerator (wait, I’m actually most thankful for the ice), and some patio furniture (and I love having a place to lounge!). With the essentials in place, the McCrackens, especially Josh, are back at their pickin’ ways.

Here are some of the treasures we’ve found just by walking around our neighborhood. We found two great light fixtures that our next door neighbors put out. Josh spotted a great chair when I accidentally took a wrong turn on a dead-end street.

On the way back from the grocery store we found this great table that we filled with found books (see below), and Josh found this great light that he carried a few blocks to our house. Josh is very into good lighting, no matter the situ.

And of course, no home-temporary or otherwise–is complete without books. So there’s this cool thing up the road, a kind of free library. We were able to get a bunch of school text books, which help with home schooling, and a few things for us to read as well. I’ll tell you, of all the luxuries I miss while being in quarantine away from home, it’s my book shelf (and my local bookstore and library!).

It’s getting to the point where we’ll need to stop gathering stuff–I’m enjoying not having the clutter comforts of my PA home (it still exists, I just don’t have to think of it at this moment. STOP THINKING ABOUT IT, Erin!).

But we’re pretty comfy in our new life, and we find a certain joy in getting what we need by just looking around and not going too far.

ps. much of this was pre-lock down so calm yourselves. We’ve got protocols too, dang it!

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