The whole thingus, interruptus

Maybe you saw this coming? Not the end of times, but the end of our time–this time–in Puerto Rico?

One week of not working for Josh. Can you imagine it? Inconceivable?

Yesterday we woke up realizing how long the work stoppage/lock down/no school was going to last, or at least how long it could last.

And immediately we had the realization that if we didn’t leave right then that the airports might very well be shut down soon.

So we were able to book flights home for around $30 each.

We’re home now and it feels pretty good. Did a quick grocery run before we do a 2 week quarantine for real. I forgot my wallet. They said take the groceries, Erin, and pay later. I stopped at the post office and they put an immediate cancel on my forwarded mail and handed me two books delivered just that morning.

The boys are so happy to be playing with all the toys they forgot they even had.

Of course I’m disappointed that our stay in Puerto Rico wasn’t longer, but we figured a lot out while we were there–what we like, how to live during a pandemic lock down, how to swim in the ocean, etc. I have yet to face the San Juan/Carolina DMV, but I’ll do that upon our return.

Thanks Puerto Rico–how lucky we are to have you in our life! And thanks Penns Valley for the welcome home.

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